Tuesday, June 28, 2011

36 Weeks

I know... I skipped the 35 week update.

How Far Along:  36 weeks
Size of baby: Emersyn is around the size of a crenshaw melon.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Seven Pounds Total (I was surprised to hear that I didn't gain anymore weight :)
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Gender: Girl!! Emersyn Ryleigh
Movement: All the time. She is very active. She is in the proper delivery position, so I feel her feet in my ribs and her elbows in my hips.
Sleep: Still tired, but getting better. I am able to sleep through the night better, aside from having to go to the bathroom.
What I miss: Being able to sit for long periods of time without being uncomfortable.
Cravings: None
Symptoms:  Pressure throughout my stomach. I am starting to feel the need to slow down while at work. I can't chase the kids like I was able to a few weeks ago. I think I might go out on leave sooner than I expected.
HighlightsGoing to the doctor and finding out that she weighs about 6lbs 5 oz. and knowing that everything is going well with her. Having her crib all set up and ready to go. We still have some organizing to do, but for the most part, her room is complete. Knowing that within the month, Emersyn will be here.

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