Monday, June 20, 2011

34 Week Update (plus 6 days...)

How Far Along:  34 weeks, 6 days
Size of baby: Emersyn is around the size of a large cantaloupe.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Seven Pounds Total
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Gender: Girl!! Emersyn Ryleigh
Movement: All the time. She is very active. She has found my hips and ribs. We can now see her moving.
Sleep: Still tired, but getting better. I am able to sleep through the night better, aside from having to go to the bathroom.
What I miss: Being able to sit for long periods of time without being uncomfortable.
Cravings: None that I am aware of.
Symptoms:  Pressure throughout my stomach.
Highlights:  As always, being able to see her move is exciting. She makes very harsh movements. 

Only 5 weeks, and 1 day to go!!!!

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