Sunday, July 10, 2011

37 Week Update

How Far Along:  37 weeks, 5 days
Size of baby: Emersyn is as long as a stalk of Swiss chard.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Seven Pounds Total (Again, I was surprised to hear that I didn't gain anymore weight :)
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Gender: Girl!! Emersyn Ryleigh
Movement: She moves all the time. It is usually when I am laying down or leaning back in a chair.
Sleep: Not as tired as I have been in the past. I think that working a little bit later every other week helps.
What I miss: Sleeping straight through the night without having to wake up and reposition myself.
Cravings: None
Symptoms:  I still have pressure throughout my stomach. With a combination of chasing around the kids and the heat, I think that I might go out of work earlier than expected. 
HighlightsGoing to the doctor for weekly visits and knowing that everything is going smoothly. Also, Greg got more of her closet organized for all of her toys and clothing. Seeing the progress in her room and throughout the house is exciting. Knowing that within the next couple of weeks Emersyn will be here.

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